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Criminal Tax and Accounting

Think you might be the subject of an investigation for tax evasion by Uncle Sam?  Have your records been handled long-term by someone you trusted so much that you simply signed and filed tax returns without reviewing them for accuracy? Have you associated with a CPA or financial advisor who is currently under investigation?  Have you or your business been visited by an IRS Special Agent?  

For many professionals, time is money and you are no exception.

One of the most basic and effective strategies in managing tax investigations is determining whether there is criminal exposure and attempting to limit the scope of the investigation and the potential for a criminal case. This is often best done through the use of an expert accountant to present to the investigator why a referral to the criminal authorities is not necessary. 

Whether you operate as a solo practitioner or are a member of a partnership-based law firm chances are good that you simply don’t have time to handle the criminal tax and accounting aspects of your practice and keep your practice running smoothly. 

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